Thursday, July 17, 2008

Amelia Chu

Amelia Chu is now 1 month old and the Chus had a gathering in her honor. She's super cute and quite pleasant. We thought they were going to name her "Savannah" which we thought would be so pretty, but it's a fairly common Porn Star name... (#38 in popularity) which turned them off.

The Chus also showed off their new iPhones (Black & White) which Shun picked up that morning. Bryan was a riot - showing off his moves and being crazy in general. We had a good time talking to Fiona & Chi Hoi and also Chu's cousin. It's always fun to get together with that crowd.

Little Red Ferrari

Sometimes Mike drives "The Red Car" in to work and we go get bubble tea - usually when he's planning a weekend trip and wants to warm the engine up. It's a really nice looking car. (I don't think I've seen a car that has nicer flow to it's lines. But I'm not all that in to cars.) It sounds awesome and rides great. You know how when you take a corner too fast and the car leans and you lean and stuff? Doesn't happen in this car. When Mike whips through the gears fast and you feel your face pulling off to the sides from the speed, it's really hard not to smile uncontrollably and start to laugh.There's no back seat because the engine needs a bit of room... They were nice enough to make the back end glass so everyone can ogle the engine. Even though it's body is ostentatious it still needs the occasional "ooh" & "ahh" over the engine to keep up it's self-esteem.

July 4th

We went down to the park near the amphitheater in Mountain View for the 4th. They had a full orchestra playing Disney music and then set off fireworks at the end. They wouldn't let us on top of the hill overlooking the amphitheater because it's all dried out and is a fire hazard so we had to stay in the park near Google and loo over the hill.

You can see how not having a tripod makes for wobbly prolonged exposures. :)

This one looks like a Muppet to me.