Thursday, November 18, 2010

WTF dream

Everyone has WTF dreams sometimes, right? I had one last night.

Here goes nothin'...

I found myself sitting co-pilot in a drag racer. Do they even have those? I was upfront like in an old biplane and the driver was behind me. It was meant to be an "experience" - maybe I had payed for it. Anyways, when the lights went green we took off like a bat out of hell and it was an amazing ride. The world came to a stand-still as we sped up and whizzed by - people looked like blurred streaks in my peripheral vision. At the end I got out and helped bring the car back to the starting line for the next rider. I realized that we had ended up in a field filled with campers. Maybe a KOA campground? Everyone knew to stay away from the drag strip so there were no issues. (I asked.) I think my wife was there and our two daughters were there (about 4 and 7) asking me how it was. The funny thing is... in reality I have no children.

Eventually we made it back to the starting area which was kind of a workshop inside a building. We pushed the car backwards into the 'garage' but couldn't enter that way so we went to the other end of the building and entered. What I saw was hundreds of lobster tanks. (like at an Asian supermarket where they keep crabs in waist level white tanks, not a fish tank like at a restaurant) The tanks were full of lobsters and being tended by Asians. (I think Japanese) Everyone was making sure the lobsters were OK and not fighting. My assessment was that they were having fun since I saw some balled up and 'playing'. They weren't wearing safety bands on their claws. The funny thing here was just before the dragster was going to take off, everyone had to 'clear' their hands from the water. As if they'd get electrically shocked.

One guy was being a smart-ass and pulled two lobsters out and held them up as the dragster took off. So I sat down at a bench and happened to sit next to Amy. (Amy Demerest (Sweet) who I know from our life in Japan long ago.) Amy handed me a form with a bunch of entry areas for people to fill out their name and address. I don't know what the form was for... but it was filled out completely. Or so the person behind me told me. I needed to start the next page. But then I realized that the last entry space on the first page was open so I started to fill that out. But I couldn't remember my address. I kept trying to think of where we live and wrote down one prefecture in Japan... but it was wrong. We had moved. But I couldn't remember the name of our current prefecture. Then I realized our house address was 4301. That's our current actual house number... in America. By this time I had scribbled out 2 addresses and was trying to write a third...

But my wife woke me up. It was time to leave and drop her off.