Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Kaan: The Weekend Adventure

This weekend was the last weekend Kaan will be a single man.

I wanted to have a night out on the town - something akin to a bachelor party on the fly since it was kind of sudden - but I thought it would be lame with just the two of us.

I invited a couple of Kaan's close friends in to town to stay with AJ and me. Sean and Chris arrived on Friday night and under the masquerade of "going out for a drink" we surreptitiously ran into Kaan in Mountain View. Kaan just about had a heart attack.

The next day (Saturday) we got up late and went to brunch. Then we headed up to the city. Four old friends looking to spend some time hanging out before Kaan took that big step...

We started out mellow; A hookah pipe and Turkish coffee over at the Pride of the Mediterranean near Japantown. Then we were off to asiaSF for some dancing. If you check out the site, you'll have to look carefully to see why this place is "not as it seems"... After the craziness wore off, we headed up to the Fairmont Hotel on top of Nob Hill for a drink and some live jazz.

All in all it was a great day with the only hang-up being parking. We found street parking everywhere we needed to eventually, but sometimes it was tough. Better than paying $3.00/15 minutes up on Nob Hill. Sheesh!

Sunday we went out with Kaan and bought a suit for the wedding. Then we came back, grabbed AJ and headed up to the city again to see some tourist stuff. We went to Pacific Heights and saw the mansions; We drove through the Presidio; We went down Lombard street; We went to Fisherman's Warf. Sean suggested the Fog City Diner so we hunted it down and ate dinner. It was surprisingly good! Then we went to Columbus street to Caffe Greco for some coffee and dessert. Kaan had been here before and it was really a hoppin' part of town we hadn't seen before. Cool!

Monday we brought Sean and Chris in to the office so they could see it and meet people. That was good - soon after that we had to take them to the airport.

It was one of the most eventful weekends ever.

Monday, September 18, 2006

The next coolest 3D program

The Japanese have created the impossible.
Draw on a screen and it creates a 3D object. Rotate it; cut into it; extrude shapes out of it. All in real time. I'm in love.

Watch it in action in this video. HERE

Now I just need them to release it to the public and a $2500 cintaq to draw on.
Until then, I will dream.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Not too much going on...

Been working a lot this week.
Then I come home and play Lego Star Wars.
Not much else going on.
Made cookies tonight.
Gotta lay low and not spend money for a bit.
Sucks, cuz AJs birthday is next week.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Labor Day Weekend Wedding

Labor Day Weekend was a crazy one for us - we flew to Michigan to see Care-Bear's wedding.
It was good to see the family - it will probably be the last time we are in Michigan for quite a while. It will definitely be a long time before we are all in the same place again...

Anyways - some of the pictures are HERE for family members to enjoy.

Congratulations Carrie & Brad! Take care of yourselves!

(In lighter news, there is a new LEGO ultimate set out! It's Darth Vader's tie fighter. WOO!)