Sunday, February 24, 2008

WonderCon 2008

This weekend was WonderCon. I went to a couple sessions and had lunch at Ananda Fuara. Then I walked the floor with Kaan. We met up with Craig and Dan Tanguay - who was in town for the GDC. This year there were many more people than last year. The expo floor was crowded to the point of annoyance for me. On the bright side many more people were dressed up for the masquerade. I haven't been to the masquerade, but it must be quite the show to see with all the crazy costumes. Here are a couple pics:

Me and Gumby have been friends for a long time. This is the first time he has been taller than me.A friend of mine Chris James made this R2-D2 from scratch and hosted a session talking about how to build one for yourself. There's a big community of droid builders out there. It's pretty awesome to see a couple R2 units cruising around the show floor beeping and chirping at people.

More pics from the show on my flickr site.

Friday, February 22, 2008

GDC 2008

I went to GDC this year as a Multiverse employee. I didn't go to any sessions, but I walked around the expo and career floors and told people about Multiverse at the Multiverse booth. (Alan & Raf in the picture up there.) It was pretty fun overall. I met a few friends and made a couple new ones. Here are some pics of the crazy stuff they had there...
Starcraft 2 soldier at the Blizzard booth. Or should I say the Activard booth - nah - ATVI had their own booth too. I saw my old boss Steve there!

AW YEAH!!! A Big Daddy life size replica at the GDC! OK it wasn't really life size; how would they ship it around!?!?!?! It was taller than me, but not the 8 feet tall it's supposed to be. Well, it SEEMS that big in the game.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Multiverse Times Square

I've been working on a virtual world demo at work.
It's a virtual Times Square!

Here's a video a company made for us on YouTube.

It's more interesting if you actually GO to the virtual Times Square, so go to this webpage of ours and follow the directions. Download the Multiverse client, register and log in! (Log in to "Times Square" It's not a huge place, but there's a lot going on.

There are other worlds available to see that people are making on their own. Want to start a world of your own? Go for it! It's FREE!

Props to Dustin, Mike and Chris for kicking out this cool demo of our tech with me.