Sunday, February 17, 2008

Multiverse Times Square

I've been working on a virtual world demo at work.
It's a virtual Times Square!

Here's a video a company made for us on YouTube.

It's more interesting if you actually GO to the virtual Times Square, so go to this webpage of ours and follow the directions. Download the Multiverse client, register and log in! (Log in to "Times Square" It's not a huge place, but there's a lot going on.

There are other worlds available to see that people are making on their own. Want to start a world of your own? Go for it! It's FREE!

Props to Dustin, Mike and Chris for kicking out this cool demo of our tech with me.


Aaron said...

No Mac version? :(

spaceJASE said...

Alas, no.
Don't try VMware either - the Directx9 emulation isn't good enough.
You CAN get there via bootcamp.