Friday, February 22, 2008

GDC 2008

I went to GDC this year as a Multiverse employee. I didn't go to any sessions, but I walked around the expo and career floors and told people about Multiverse at the Multiverse booth. (Alan & Raf in the picture up there.) It was pretty fun overall. I met a few friends and made a couple new ones. Here are some pics of the crazy stuff they had there...
Starcraft 2 soldier at the Blizzard booth. Or should I say the Activard booth - nah - ATVI had their own booth too. I saw my old boss Steve there!

AW YEAH!!! A Big Daddy life size replica at the GDC! OK it wasn't really life size; how would they ship it around!?!?!?! It was taller than me, but not the 8 feet tall it's supposed to be. Well, it SEEMS that big in the game.

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