Monday, December 13, 2010

Another dream

Last night I dreamed I was in SF looking for a job. (Laid off a couple weeks ago so it's relevant.) I found my way to the underground parking lot of this huge conglomerate company building and went upstairs to talk to people. I noted that I would probably lose my car in the concrete maze.

Upstairs I had a good conversation with people and even saw a couple friends. I'd have to take a pay cut, but it'd be worth it to actually have a job and work with people I like. Then my buddy and I took the elevator downstairs. When the elevator stopped, I got off but my friend didn't saying the cars were even lower. I was left standing there because the doors closed too quickly to get back on. Rather than wait for the elevator I went to find the stairs to meet up again. But I couldn't find the stairs... People milling around said I'd need to take this other elevator back up  a couple flights and then transfer over to the original one and go down a few floors.

I managed to do that but emerged in an area I had never seen before. Cars were exiting here and I couldn't see any way to get to my car's area. So I thought I'd go around... but it led me out of the building to a park like clearing that was fenced off and gated. I waited until some people were leaving through the gate and got in.

What I found was the most beautiful cliff side park full of flowers and butterflies with the sun setting behind me. The cliff and rocky shore below was illuminated in such an awesome way that everyone there was calm and serene. I took out my phone and took a couple pictures to show AJ. Then I sadly left that place to try and find my car and get home.

When I made it back to the building I found the maze even more complex. So steep in places I couldn't get anywhere. I started looking over ledges to the floors below crying out for help. And the strangest creatures were making their way through the maze now... not people anymore. I saw a father and daughter medusa-like snake people. (No snakes on their heads.) The father ignored my pleas, but the daughter stopped and wondered at me for a moment before her father took her away.

Then I realized it was a dream and took an overhead view to see I was on the opposite side of the building from my car and told myself how to get there.