Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Praying Mantis Party

Hey - we're back from vacation!

Before I go into our trip, I want to show you the bugs I'm growing. Last year the praying mantis in our yard impaled itself on a aloe/cactus thing and died. When OSH had their bug bags this year, I got a container of praying mantis eggs. I left them in the planters outside because it said they would hatch after a few weeks of warm weather. That was a couple months ago and nothing has happened because it's not really all that warm here in the bay area... until this week - we're having a warm snap.

Well the egg sack seems to have done something and this little guy is one of the family now - he's going to keep the garden clear of pests and buggies that eat my plants. He and all 200 or so of his brothers and sisters that is!!!

I saw Michael Thomas chasing something on the ground - when I noticed it was a baby praying mantis, I looked at the plant and saw that it was covered in babies! I was totally excited and snapped a bunch of pictures. Then I picked up the plant and shook it over all the different areas of the garden. Now those guys will have enough food and my plants will grow better! Hopefully they will be able to avoid the birds for the most part.

They are kinda creepy - but I like them because they eat all the other creepies.


Kerri said...

Jase! These are amazing pictures! I think bugs are gross and scary, but these look really neat. Although I'm sure I wouldn't come as close to them as you do. But congrats on the garden - you'll have to let me know if it works, maybe I'll have to buy a few bugs! Ew!

robyn & jorge said...

Jorge thinks you musta been like a mad scientist spreading your insect-eating creatures all over the yard!

Mom said...

oh my gosh, that is so way way cool! they are adorable and I miss our praying mantis so much...they used to hang out in the marigolds a lot...

there are so many of them! hope a lot of them grow up to maturity and then they can just have their own young! Great picture capturing all the little creatures!