Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Testy Robot

I was driving my dad and Pat around SF showing them the sights over Thanksgiving weekend. AJ came with - we had a great lunch at The Stinking Rose - highly recommended if you don't mind the breath! (Thanks Dad!)

Anyways, when we got to the Pacific Heights area I stopped behind a tour bus and wondered what they were gawking at. Then I pulled over and took this picture of the BEST ROBOT EVAH. I think he must have been holding a sword at some point, but it now looks like he's clenching his fists in anger and crying out, "Who took my PANTS!?!?!?"


belle said...

Could the robot dance??

I just like it that you used the word "EVAH".

shun chu said...

man... do you have closer shots of the various parts of the robot?

Hose Head said...

Hey Jase, I wonder what the neighbors think of the robot? Pretty expensive neighborhood for an anatomically correct robot, don't you think?

kaan said...

the robot was in the stinking rose too?

Garlic Robot it is!

Kerri said...