Monday, March 24, 2008

SONY CyberShot Operation

In 2004 we bought a Sony CyberShot Prosumer type camera. It was pretty awesome. Not an SLR, but as close as you can get without the size. In November of 2005 I took a trip back to NY and dropped it in the airport. (And by dropped I mean flung it a few meters across the baggage claim area.) The LCD shattered, but we were still able to use it... we just couldn't see the pictures we had taken. It went from a "prosumer" camera to a "point-and-shoot" camera. SONY wanted $300 to fix it.
Here's a close up of the cracked LCD and the good one in back:

We got another lame little camera to tide us over until we felt like we wanted a new "good" camera. (Nikon Coolpix - don't go there.) Recently we decided we ought to buy a new camera but still didn't want to spend the $$ for an SLR or have to deal with the size and weight increase. AJ had this great idea that we ought to try and fix the Sony camera. I bought an "as-is" camera on eBay and took it apart. I figured out what piece I needed to replace and removed it from the camera and replaced them in mine. KAZAM! We had our old camera back! It cost me $30 for the as-is camera and $15 for the special tweezers to use on tiny electrical equipment.

Take it SONY!
JASE + tweezers for the win!


Mom said...

Wow! that's using your noggin'! great job and you got your camera back! sounds like what we do around here to get the most for our dollar!

shun chu said...

Not to be a Monday quarterback or anything... but I thought I mentioned replacing the LCD a couple of times... I did it with Grace's cell phone after Bryan flung it around a few times...

So it's alive again?! Good times.

spaceJASE said...

Did you?

Well maybe AJ listens to you but I hardly ever do. :)

What's a Monday quarterback? Like, making calls after the Sunday game?