Saturday, April 19, 2008

Home grown Fennel

One thing I thought would be interesting to try and grow is fennel. I was surprised at how well it grew in this lousy soil. Here's a picture of me with one of the larger bulbs. The best part is - I leave the stump in the ground after cutting the bulb off and 6 or 8 more fennel bulbs spring up around it. Crazy! I don't have to replant it! Hopefully it will live through the summer - it's quite sensitive to the heat. It grew like mad through the cool winter.

Maddi's checking out the birds from "shotgun position".


hose head said...

You don't eat the bulb, do you? They say that to grow herbs you simply need to find a sunny spot and can grow them on the back of a board. No dirt needed. So herbs may be the best thing you can grow in your soil.

spaceJASE said...

We used the bulbs in several recipes AJ found - soup among other things. The greens went to the worms. :)