Thursday, July 17, 2008

Little Red Ferrari

Sometimes Mike drives "The Red Car" in to work and we go get bubble tea - usually when he's planning a weekend trip and wants to warm the engine up. It's a really nice looking car. (I don't think I've seen a car that has nicer flow to it's lines. But I'm not all that in to cars.) It sounds awesome and rides great. You know how when you take a corner too fast and the car leans and you lean and stuff? Doesn't happen in this car. When Mike whips through the gears fast and you feel your face pulling off to the sides from the speed, it's really hard not to smile uncontrollably and start to laugh.There's no back seat because the engine needs a bit of room... They were nice enough to make the back end glass so everyone can ogle the engine. Even though it's body is ostentatious it still needs the occasional "ooh" & "ahh" over the engine to keep up it's self-esteem.

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