Monday, April 28, 2008

Uncle JASE

Eden Grace Nagle - born 04/24/08
I'm an Uncle!
Congrats Tim & Michelle!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Home grown Fennel

One thing I thought would be interesting to try and grow is fennel. I was surprised at how well it grew in this lousy soil. Here's a picture of me with one of the larger bulbs. The best part is - I leave the stump in the ground after cutting the bulb off and 6 or 8 more fennel bulbs spring up around it. Crazy! I don't have to replant it! Hopefully it will live through the summer - it's quite sensitive to the heat. It grew like mad through the cool winter.

Maddi's checking out the birds from "shotgun position".

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Dragon SUV

Some people choose their car as their means of personal expression.
Do you know someone with a Beemer?
Know anyone over 40 with a corvette?
I drive a VW bus by choice.

Some people choose to express themselves on their car as if it were a canvas.
I have seen many painted vehicles out here in the Bay Area. I haven't painted the bus though. The lime green paint job was done too well and it hasn't started rusting.

I spotted this SUV near the ATM and snapped a couple pics. The color combo and hood ornament are... classy.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Car Dreams

The other day I had this really weird vivid dream.

I was driving around in a rusted out old white Camaro. All the rims were different with some from other cars altogether. I parked the car in front of someone's driveway accidentally and they came out to tell me to move. It had a couple flat tires and I couldn't move it. A bus load of migrant workers unloaded nearby came over; kind of admiring the car. I took out an air propellant can to fill up the tires, but it was empty. So I walked over to a gas station and filled the can with air. Then I walked back and filled the tires. I quickly left the area to go to the gas station to make sure the tires were fixed but had to go the long way around the block (of apartment complexes) because of one-way streets. Finally I got there and the tires were indeed flat again. At the gas station there was a couple who thought the car was in bad enough shape that they could buy it off me cheap. They started getting in and out of the car and actually tried making out in the back seat to see if it was "roomy enough". I just went across the street to the tire store and bought two new tires. (I got them extra big to put on the back and jack it up a bit.)

Then the next night I had a shorter dream.

We drove to a hilly town in the Prius and parked up on a hill and then walked down to ...somewhere. I don't remember. Later I went back to get the car and there was a ticket on it because we had left it for a couple nights and one of the nights was a street cleaning night. There was also some mail left on the car near the ticket for one of the nearby houses. I dropped the mail off to them and then went back to the car. The hood was now open - something that I noticed being closed before - and the entire engine was missing.

Bizarre - AJ says Freud would say I'm having "manhood" issues.