Sunday, August 13, 2006

Big Basin Redwood Forest

Last Saturday we went on a hike to Big Basin. It's a redwood park south of us that has some small redwoods. When I say small, I mean it might take 5 people hand-in-hand to encircle one of these guys, so they are still pretty large.

The hike was fun, about 5 or 6 miles. We found an interesting phenomenon, some of the trees had burn scars on them on the outside and some had portions of the trunks burned out. There must have been a fire a while ago. The weird part was that on the trees with the trunks burned out, there was a charcoal pattern and when you looked at it closely, an optical illusion occurred that made it look like it was moving away from you constantly. It was pretty trippy.

The only drawback to going to this park is it's FULL or people. When you want to get to nature and escape the hub-bub of the suburban sprawl, you're not really looking to be surrounded by people and running into them on the trail. Oh, well - we'll take what we can get.


Mom said...

that tree behind Alicia, could a person fit through that gap? it looks big enough compared to the size of that tree, but you can't tell unless you're there in person...

Jim said...