Sunday, August 13, 2006

Japan Festival

Was it Japan festival or Obon or what? I don't know but we went to see.

Saturday Kaan came over and we headed up to SF Japan town. We walked through the street vendors and through the mall. We stopped in the toy stores and found a restaurant to eat at. We ate at Mifune. I would NOT recommend it. It was really lame. It almost made us not like Japanese food.

After Japan town we went to a Mediterranean restaurant nearby that Jason S. Recommended. They have hookah pipes to smoke so that's what we did. We also had some of their Turkish coffee and I must say that it was probably the best I've had. I don't know what extra spice they put in it, but it was awesome.

We were going to go meet Craig & company afterwards, but we were beat and not feeling well after that horrible food.

I took a bunch of pics and put them all HERE.

When we go to visit Kaan in Turkey someday - I'm going to buy a hookah pipe. A real authentic Turkish hookah. Yah man. YEAH.

When we got home we stood in the driveway and talked for a bit. The best part was when I said, "I don't like open bodies of water." and AJ said, "Oh, that's just because you can't breathe under water." For some reason Kaan and I couldn't stop laughing.


mom said...

made me laugh too...made you want to be a fish for a day?

Mom said...

you could do a much better paint job on YOUR van....but it does look very colorful!

Kerri said...

You guys are having WAY too much fun out there. We need to come visit!!!!

Hose Head said...

Paint the van? Paint the van! Speaking of which hoping to get mine painted soon but more subdued colors.

care-bear1 said...

I so need to get a digital camera. Nice pics!

Hey, do you remember that blue-jean jacket you drew all over in highschool? You should do something like that for the van.

Anonymous said...

ok Jason,
the spices name is cardamom
I hope u guys had the safest flight
see u on monday hopefully

Kaan Kayimoglu