Sunday, October 29, 2006

Albany, NY

I went to Albany last week for work. A few of the VV employees were asked to attend some training sessions at the East coast office. Vicarious Visions has, since I left last year, moved into a new building.

The new office is pretty swank. It was good to meet up with old friends and meet new people. There were TONS of new people.
I got to see the leaves before they changed completely. It was cold - around 40 degrees - and there was no snow. My lips and face chapped up and I tried not to catch a cold. It was cloudy most of the time, but when the clouds cleared up on Friday it was really cold.

I took a tour of the Price Chopper with Jon, Cyn and Murph to pick up a couple things on Thursday night. Price Chopper doesn't seem to have changed much... it's a lot like Safeway. In fact it looks like every other jinormous grocery store doesn't it. Safeway is our last resort for foodstuffs...

Overall the trip went well - I learned some stuff that will hopefully help me at work.

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shun chu said...

ah... must be why we couldn't find you!