Saturday, October 14, 2006

Dreary Day

Oddly it's cloudy here. That doesn't happen much. So infrequently in fact that it's quite noticeable. Usually it's a bit foggy in the morning BTU it burns off by 10am.

Anyways - today we'll just take it easy. I need to dig up more yard for planting vegetables for the second season - they SAY things will grow again... and we're going to look at neighboring towns away from the "sprawl" for houses we might be able to afford. It's almost a joke how much houses cost out here. They aren't built any better, there are just too many people who want a home. Seems it's a buyer's market now because people aren't trying to out-bid each other. Meaning houses are starting to go for less than $1 million. No joke - two blocks down a house went for $950k. Three blocks down one went for $1.25 million. The reason the median is as low as it is in that chart is because of tea "sketchy" areas where houses go for $400k-$500k. "Get out of town!" takes on new meaning...


David said...

Median Menlo Park house sale down nearly 23% over last year.

The high end will feel the hit first, then middle, then lower prices.

If you choose to buy, start to look in about a year's time.

Now is still the time to rent.

Hang on in there and keep your powder dry.

robyn & jorge said...

holy crap! If you dont find your perfect house, at least you are still living in paradise :)