Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Michael Thomas Finnegan

This is Michael Thomas.

We found him in the parking lot at our place in NY. I thought we should call him Thomas, and AJ thought he should have an Irish name, so Thomas became Michael Thomas Finnegan. He's one of the best cats ever. He loves to sit on our laps and he comes whenever we call him. He REALLY likes going outside and we often feel bad keeping him indoors. But it's for his own good, right?

Anyways - he's pretty photogenic and last night when we were watching a show on PBS about penguins, he became extremely interested and jumped off AJ's lap to get a better look. It was funny. He stayed there the rest of the show.


Mom said...

that is WAY too cute! Oliver sits on our tv and watches films on the wall with us!

care-bear1 said...

Our cats are named Applesauce (she's orange like Michael Thomas) and Smudgy (she has a black "smudge" on her white nose). If we get another cat, I wanna name her Rabbit.