Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Nintendo Wii !!

Today my Wii preorder came!

YAY! I ordered it from work because it was a little cheaper. Business perk I guess. I don't have any games for it, but that's OK. It comes with Wii-Sports and its FUN. Good games will come out soon enough - like Mario World, Smash Brothers and, and, and...

Anyways - you may or may not have seen pictures of it but it has a cool new way of playing games. Like using a motion sensitive laser pointer! It's totally fun. We played at work for a bit.

The hardware is basically a souped up GameCube - it's able to play GameCube games - just pop them in the slot. You can get online and surf like you were at a computer using the Opera web browser. You can buy old skool Nintendo games and download them online.

I'm taking it to Thanksgiving in Arizona - it'll be fun! Of course we'll probably be too busy to play much. :) I'll be back on Tuesday and post pics from our trip soon after.

Have a good holiday!


Mom said...

can you still play pikmin and/or animal crossings? those are two of the cutest games I've ever seen...tho I do like that racing game with Mario and mates...

Kerri said...

Hey Jase! Brian here... just wanted to share my Mii code with ya:

0985 - 1564 - 2587 - 5408

see you online soon!