Thursday, March 29, 2007

Flesh Eating Bacteria On My FACE

That face.
That face.
That beautiful face.

A few weeks ago I got a bacterial infection of the skin on the right side of my face. It was so swollen, that it hurt to eat, smile, laugh and talk. This picture is when it was at it's worst. I went to the urgent-care doctor the previous day and got an antibacterial shot and a prescription for the "Mercedes" class antibiotic pills. I went to my doctor a couple days later and he said I could get the "Ferrari" class drugs if I wanted faster results. I said I was OK with Mercedes. (Always liked German cars better...) This type of infection is called "cellulitis" but can, if left untreated, evolve into the flesh eating bacterial infection. (Like this isn't scary enough already!) It starts out as superficial, but it can get to the deeper skin and then your skin just starts falling off.

Anyways - having this picture and an image editing program on hand, I made a couple "fun" but scary images of what I might look like with a few more pounds - or a few less.


I am all better now, but that side is still a little more flushed than the other. Go ahead and poke fun at the pics - I won't wish a flesh eating bacterial infection on you... and karma won't cause it to happen to you either!


Mom said...

oh my. that's about it. I sure am GLAD you are doing better. make sure you post a pic when you are back to your 'normal' looking self...just for reassurance. have a great weekend!

Hose Head said...

Say, that reminded me of the one about the leper hockey game. There was a faceoff in the corner.
Sorry that happened to you. I did like your pictures. Unfortunately the over weight you looked liek I do now. That was depressing. But enough about me, let's talk about me. Anyway, hope you heal up soon.