Thursday, March 22, 2007

Los Gatos walk-about

Last weekend we went to Los Gatos to walk around town with Chu, Grace & Bryan. It was fun to get out on such a nice day. We got some gelato and window shopped a bit. Here you see Bryan enjoying being served in his stroller.

Los Gatos downtown is nice - if a little full of itself. I am always drawn to the Lamborghini shop, the Bentley shop and the Ferrari shop. I don't get into cars much (driving a VW bus is more about the "character" of the car for me) but one can't help enjoy the graceful lines of those extremely expensive automobiles.

Too bad they get such crappy gas-mileage!

Lotus: 24/29 mpg - not too shabby for this little speedster! (Pretty much what my '77 VW bus gets...)

Bentley: couldn't get close enough to see the tag.

There was a Rolls Royce as well, but that gets 13/19 mpg. BAH! I scoff at you from my Pius. I mean, Prius.

Anyways - that was last weekend. Automobile shape appreciation day... and gelato with friends. :)


Mom said...

love the new color, seeing it around town! have a great weekend! :)

shun chu said...

Dude.. we gotta do that more! And bumping into Steve Wozniak, twice, was also fun.

belle said...

Nice cars. Good to see you on here again. Hope you are not working 700 hours a week nowadays. I figured that pic on my blog was the wonderful world of photoshop...(thats what timmy said) but it is still groovy. :) Hope all is well.