Thursday, April 12, 2007

Growing Things

Since this is the first time we've ever had a yard, I thought it would be neat to try and grow things.
It's been a learning experience - and gardening in the bay area is different than I remember it in Michigan. It's super hot during the day and really cold at night and not humid at all in comparison. I have been able to grow frost hardy plants from November like brussel sprouts, cauliflower, scallions & onions since the winter here only gets down to ~32 degrees or so.

Everything else here was planted in March.

The picture above shows the largest part of the garden. There are smaller areas of soil around the house where I have cilantro, parsley, sage & oregano.

I'm having fun learning & growing. The cats like it too. Mike rolls around in the dirt and Maddi suns herself among the plants.


Laurie said...

This is something I never do. I hate killing things.

Best wishes on your garden.

Mom said...

you certainly have been busy, your garden looks great. looks like everything is thriving well. how are the praying mantis doing? nice to see Maddie outside! :)

spaceJASE said...

Haven't seen any Praying Mantis yet. But I keep hoping they will pop out soon! Maybe when this cold snap is over.

I don't like harvesting the garden either... It takes so much work and then; rrrrrrip! Out it comes and on the plate.

It's almost sad, but I can't hear the screaming since I'm 1/2 deaf.

Kerri said...

Hey! There's no arrow pointing to Maddi! LOL

Seriously, your garden looks so healthy! As a fellow gardener, I'm impressed and proud. It was much easier for me to garden in NY than here - it's too hot here! But I'm going out to work in mine a bit today since it's only in the 70s. See you soon!