Sunday, April 22, 2007

Oil Painting #3 - Flowers

A few weeks ago I went to the office next door and asked them if I could have one of the bouquets they have in the office. They get a new awesome bouquet every week and they let me have one. At first I painted on it a couple hours every day, but then I lost interest and had to really make a point of sticking with it. That meant that the flowers died off and I was still painting - so a lot of the painting is made up from what I think flowers "ought" to look like. In the end I think it came put pretty nice considering I've only painted with oils twice before. It was fun. I learned some things.


Mom said...

I'm impressed - good job, Jason. It is so neat to see your love of art expression to come out this way! I really like the colors you chose. And I've always liked lilies! :)

Kerri said...