Thursday, June 07, 2007

The game development industry

VGA out.
There were few of articles that popped up yesterday and today concerning my company.

They happen to be pretty relevant to me - so I think you ought to read them.
Here are the links.
Gamasutra article
Kotaku blurb
Nintendo World Report

So, I am not alone in my plight - cross your fingers for all the peeps out there!

Now things get interesting...

Video Game Artist out.


shun chu said...

Dude... that's terrible... I am sorry to hear this... I hate it when the corporate types just have no hearts and no regards to people when it comes to "executive decisions"....

I hope you land a new job that's more deserving of you soon... Good luck!

cr4i9 said...

Don't worry, man. For every VGA out there's always a VGA in.

Keep taking steps forward...

Mom said...

boy I don't know what to say. thanks for posting the links to the articles. I am sure you will find something worthy of your efforts soon! you're in our thoughts and prayers....