Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Mike & Ike, Target and Consumerism

Sometimes when you're trying to save money you get this burning desire to spend some. Is that the consumerism bred into us by American capitalism? I think it probably is. And like Don Hertzfeld says in "Rejected" - I AM a consumer whore.

In a weak attempt to get my "fix" we went to Target to get some minor staple household goods. (Cat-litter. Amazingly enough, Target sells the eco-friendly Swheat-Scoop brand at a much cheaper price than pet stores do... but that's another story.) Whenever we go to Target we take a peek at the clearance section on the ends of random aisles hidden back by the bathrooms. It's bootleg, I know. However, yesterday the jackpot awaited my ever miserly self and I stocked up on...
That's right. They had Mike & Ike candies for 0.46 cents a box!
(They were marked down from $2)

YAY! Consumer needs satisfied with cheap consumable flavored candies!


Hose Head said...

Space, did they have the cinnimon flavored ones? My fave when needing to be a consumer whore although I prefer the more gender specific "cad".

belle said...

Hello brother. Man, I don't read your blog for a couple days and when I check it again: BOOM!!
I hope everything is going ok.
Time to make MOE, huh?
You've got some backgroud vocalists up in Idaho, ya know.
Oh, and by the way - we finally got our hands on a Wii! My arms are sore from too much bowling or something. Wario (whatever the heck it's called) is really really really weird. AND you should bring your controllers up and we'll play Mario Party 8!
Miss you - love you.
Keep me posted.

spaceJASE said...

I will get Mario Party 8 sometime... when I'm allowed to spend $$. LOL

belle said...

Hey, thats okay. We HAVE Mario 8. So you just have to come visit :). Or better yet, we'll come visit you guys. Ooh - and I had a gift certificate and just got Rayman Raving Rabbits. Uuuhhhh..that is a weird one. Oui oui!