Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Contract Work

I got some work for the next few weeks.

A friend of mine works at The Multiverse and they need some art for a client. I'll be helping them out along with Mike Witt.

It's good to feel like I'm contributing to something again. The guys there are nice and the work should prove both interesting and challenging.

Anyways - it's at least a short term solution. Which is better than nothing! :)


shun chu said...

Congrats, dude....

But damn... No support for Mac? Booooooooo.... Is this company still stuck in 2004 or something?

Mom said...

glad glad glad you have found something to occupy your time. Hope it is going well for you!

Had a great chat with Alicia!

keep plugging away, J! :)

Kerri said...

Well, I'm glad to see this!!!! Maybe you'll get to do some contract work!!!! :-D