Monday, July 02, 2007


I insist that you go see Ratatouille.

This movie is undeniably one of the funniest, most beautiful movies PIXAR has ever made. The world they created is amazingly complex and deep, yet appropriate for the characters and really pulls the viewer into the reality of the world. It is nigh flawless. The animation is impeccable. It was subtle at times and extravagant at others. I was in awe.

The plot as a whole was slightly predictable, but I didn't mind. The voice acting sometimes left a little to be desired - American actors doing French people speaking English is... a stretch. PIXAR ought to command enough of the world's attention to be able to cast the best English speakers of any country for added immersion in the film.

The last movie I saw was Spider-man 3 and I only saw it because I didn't have to pay. I almost swore off movies altogether based on that movie, but it didn't really seem fair to companies like PIXAR whom although tied to the monstrous hip of Disney, actually care about the story over the buck they will make.

I don't really like going to the movies; people kick your seat, talk through scenes, rustle wrappers and generally make movie-going unpleasant. Top onto that the hefty $10+ cost of the ticket alone and it's really not worth it. The exception is going to see kids movies. I can forgive kids because they aren't supposed to adhere to social mores yet and you get a much better feel for the emotional state of the movie through their unfiltered reactions.

I want to work in games, but after seeing this movie, I almost want to work in film... well, at PIXAR specifically. LOL

Again I reiterate - you must go see this movie. Don't wait for the DVD.


Jim said...

eh, not a big Pixar fan.... haha, just kidding. this looks like a masterpiece and I cannot wait to see it!!!

Mom said...

your sister loved it! I can't WAIT to see it! looks very cute! :)

shun chu said...

So you chose to see this over SiCKO, huh... How interesting... I wonder how that movie did over that same weekend...

Hah hah... Just trying to give you a hard time. We talk about serious issues like that all the time... Time away from them is equally important!I can't wait to see it myself.

Nini said...

I'll go see it on release in October, not that desperate but I have gotten the Art of Ratatouille book and love it a lot. OK, so maybe I'd like to see it sooner than later.

Nini said...

Oh yeah, welcome to the odd position of wanting to work at Pixar (don't know where you got it to type it in all caps) even if animation isn't your area of choice.

Nearly every creative person who sees the guys there at work or see their work want to work for them, even I do and heck knows it's a solid job to do well, gotta be top of your game. Throw 'em your resumé like everyone else, you stand as much chance as anyone else.

Kerri said...

Ah, THEATER HATERS UNITE! I loathe the theater. People bring their screaming kids, people talk, people SNORE, people slurp expensive drinks and crunch expensive popcorn and rattle the packages of expensive candy. Ugh! People kick your seat and the floor is perpetually sticky. I turn into a big grouch at the theater. I'd much rather watch a movie in the quiet of my own home, on my comfortable couch!

belle said...

I really enjoyed Ratatouille!

And it WAS beautifully done. I have so many favorite scenes!

Didn't the main character wear red chucks? Awesome!!