Sunday, September 23, 2007

Wells Fargo ATM

We went to a Wells Fargo ATM yesterday.
There were no envelopes around for me to make my deposit. Not that they were out, there weren't any storage bins for them either! Well, I started getting weirded out and talking out loud...

JASE - "Where are the envelopes? Are they all out again?"
AJ - "I don't see any..."
Lady at the next ATM - "They don't use envelopes anymore. You just put your checks in."


Sure enough - the slot for envelopes no longer says: "insert envelope" it says: "insert cash or checks".
I'm all for using less paper. That's cool.
So I went through the process of depositing my checks. I told it I wanted to deposit some checks and it said to insert them. I had three. You can insert up to 30!

The weird part was - it didn't ask me for a total of the checks. It just asked for the checks. After I inserted them, it said it was processing them and then... IT gave ME the total. How the hell did it know? Two of the checks were hand written - do you think it was able to read handwriting? I find that hard to believe. It must have read the bar code at the bottom of the checks and ... no that wouldn't have worked - it MUST have been able to read the handwriting.

This officially marks the beginning of the downfall of mankind to robots.



Mom said...

that is REALLY interesting. I will have to have a long think about that one..... :)

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