Wednesday, September 19, 2007


I haven't posted in a while because nothing much has been happening.
Well, AJ started school. She's crazy busy. But she's learning a lot.
I'm still working at Multiverse. We'll see if I end up working there full-time or not.

The biggest thing to happen recently is this:
We decided to go vegan.

It's not really that big of a change for us - most of the meals we make are or lean towards vegan anyways. We had already cut milk out of our diet - no biggie there. We hardly use eggs in anything except baking and those are easily replaceable by other products. I think the weirdest thing for me is cutting cheese. Usually cheese is not the focus of any dish, so that's not the issue. The thing is, I like the European (at least that's how I came to know of it.) way of eating cheese and other small Hors d’Ĺ“uvres with wine as a meal in itself. I like the various "specialty" cheeses. I will miss those. We don't go out to eat much, so we won't be missing that kind of food. We will miss specialty ice creams. No more Chaat house or Rick's for us.

Why you may ask yourself would they want to put themselves through this kind of food torture?!?! Well, it's precisely that - torture - for the animals involved. I won't go into details - just pictures LOL - you can just remain ignorantly bliss not knowing where or how your food gets on your plate. Some people are OK with that - we turned a blind eye to it for a long time - not wanting to go down what we thought would be a difficult road. Well it turns out we were already heading down that road in our own gradual way and now we're there. Don't tell me that "That's how it always has been." I don't care how it has been. We have the means to be better than we were. Now, I'm going to at least TRY.

Don't think this post is meant to preach to you. It's not. You do what you want - I try to be an "I'm OK, you're OK" person - just don't give me crap for doing what I want in my life. It doesn't affect you. I'm just letting you know.


kaan said...


spaceJASE said...

Yup - I'm gonna have to cut the cheese. Prepare yourselves. Can't believe I wrote that and didn't notice the pun myself. LOL

robyn said...

don't cut the cheese, hilarious! there are still plenty of vegan baked yummies that should take the place of ice cream and things like that.

spaceJASE said...

yeah - AJ makes a mean vegan chocolate cake. and with egg replacement I can still have my cookies.

It's all good.

Hose Head said...

One of Pat's co-workers is vegan. A couple of weeks ago I gave him a demo on beer making. He is now making vegan/organic beer. I'm sure his family would be willing to share successful recipes. Let me know if you want an e-mail address. I resisted the temptation on the cut the cheese issue. I did serve twinkees at class last night as typical American food. From which I explained about UHF and the twinkee wiener sandwich with cheese wizz. So I did have a cheesy thought at least.

Kerri said...

Well, the first thing I thought was...I never thought you had a problem cutting the cheese!! ROFL!!!!

Good for y'all. Good thing we're not neighbors anymore - I would NOT know what to cook! It was always easy to revert to cheese and crackers...:-)

Let me know if you lose a bunch of weight or something! If you do, I may have to go Vegan too! HAHA! As if! The only thing I'd ever eat would be fruit!!!! :-P

shun chu said...

Good thing it's easy to eat Chinese as a vegan... Not that I'll be a vegan anytime soon, but at least it'd be easy/fun to eat out next time we hang and chill... ;)

BTW, milk was out the other day in our fridge, but I'd already poured the cereal in the bowl (and I REALLY wanted some cereal). So I tried soy bean milk instead (and the whole time thought this must be what you and AJ do with your cereals). The result was not half bad!

Nini said...

Yeah, death to the plants! They kill pretzels when you're not looking, yknow.

Think of the pretzels you have saved given this selfless act of awesome.