Sunday, June 15, 2008

Chris & Nancey get married! (FINALLY!)

Two friends of ours from SCAD finally got married last weekend. (June 7th) We were so excited when we heard the news. I worked a several projects in school with Chris & Nancey and wondered when they were going to get together - they moved SO slowly though and didn't really tell people what was going on... or not going on... or whatever. :) After we left SCAD, Chris & Nancey used to come up to our place in NY every year for New Year's Eve. We would drink wine and talk all night long.

We made a weekend out of the wedding and drove down to L.A.. We met Jim & Terra Kuroda for breakfast and then drove up Sunset Drive until Hollywood. We found an AWESOME vegan restaurant across from "Zombie Tattoos", saw Hollywood and Melrose and a couple other things.

The wedding was really nice. Chris wanted a bit of Jewish tradition in the ceremony and it was a first for us so we found it very interesting. We met a bunch of people from SONY and DD and a lot of their family as well. Everyone was really nice and friendly.

I've got a few pictures here on my Flickr page.

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