Sunday, June 15, 2008

Schwartz Visit (May 30)

At the end of May, the Schwartz's came to visit us for a couple days. These are my host parents from when I was an exchange student to Germany... TWENTY YEARS AGO. We don't keep in touch too much; you know, holidays and stuff, but when we go to Europe we stop in for a few days.

They happened to be over here touring the west coast a couple weeks ago. AJ and I showed them our neck of the woods and drove them around SF and took them out to lunch on Saturday and Sunday. (Well, Karl always insists on paying.) They only stayed two nights and then took off to drive down highway 1 to see the coast of California all the way down to San Diego.

Did I mention that they are 72!?!?! I can only HOPE that I am as active as them when I'm twice my age now. It was fun to be able to "host" them for once. :)

More pictures here on Flickr.

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