Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Death by window...

This guy surprised us one morning when he bashed into one of the front windows. Chippie was sitting there so maybe the bird was defending territory against our cat. Anyways - it was sad to see him die. It was quick, but not instantaneous. He was trapped in the bush outside the window and after a few ragged breaths he went limp. I thought he might just be stunned so I put him on the front steps. A couple hours later he was stiff. I meant to bury him but something took him away that night.

It probably seems morbid to blog about him - but I was contemplating the passing of animals out in nature. It happens all the time and if no animal takes note, certainly no human does. I mean, if he had a family, they probably wonder what happened to him. Why didn't he come back that afternoon? But if birds only have a few seconds short term memory, do they notice stuff like the passing of a family member? Surely they have some sort of longer memory or imprinting that allows them to know where their nest is - or who their mate or child is... right?

When our cats have died, the other cats came around and sniffed and pawed at them. And kind of sat there for a minute in turn. But that was it. Maybe death is just what happens and when it's done there isn't much to think about in an animal's mind. Why do we as humans make a big deal about death? Is it because we impact each others' lives more than other mammals? Do we remember people because we have longer memories and therefore feel more of a sense of loss?

I don't know the answers, but I thought it sad that this big beautiful birds suddenly met his demise with a stupid window.

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