Monday, November 28, 2005


I just finished reading this book "Chainfire" by Terry Goodkind. It's a fantasy novel. It's part of a series. (Part 10) I really enjoyed the first novel. "Wizard's First Rule." So I read the rest as they came out. Some were better than others. I was losing interest until "Faith of the Fallen". Then I was back into it.

But it's gone lame again as a series and this last book was the worst. The entire book was a set up for the next 2 books. (I guess it's supposed to be a trilogy that ends the entire series.) I thought it was sooooo lame when I got to the end of the book and the characters were like: "OK now the adventure starts! Let's go!" Sure stuff happened along the way in this book, but it was mostly a recap of the first 9 fricking books in the series, all the people involved and what they think/feel about the state of things in this fantasy world.

Maybe I shouldn't be so harsh. Lord of the Rings was written this way, right? People still love it today. Everyone is at the end of "Fellowship" going "Wait! You can't stop there!!" But they had to wait until the next book came out.

Here's a link to an interview with Terry Goodkind from a while ago. He gets into his philosophy on life a bit. It's interesting to hear straight from him and then compare to how he's expressed it through the book's characters. I could see how he was writing some timeless stuff but directly correlating it with current events. War on Terror, that kind of stuff.

It might put you to sleep, though. Be careful.

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