Tuesday, November 29, 2005

That IGDA moderator was a joke.

We went to an IGDA meeting after work today. They were having a panel discussion between EA & Activision on whether they think it's a good idea to have centrally located tech that all subsidiary companies share and contribute to or not. Sounds good, right? But isn't that partially stifling to creative types? Or are the limitations worth the time savings? It was an eye opener to what our bosses are dealing with. So - it was interesting.


I had to work REALLY HARD to get past the fricking moderator to get that much out of it. He talked more than the panel, interrupted them and rambled often on tangents. Maybe he was nervous. Then I feel bad for him.

At least I got to see the EA campus. It's huge. And really really nice. They have too much money methinks.

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