Thursday, November 10, 2005

Star Wars will never die!

I found a couple crazy links related to Star Wars today.

This one is a guy who does models for fun. He models Star Wars ships and lights them with fiber optics. It's way too cool! - 2 foot Star Destroyer!
The bigger one.
He's also done an X-wing and millennium Falcon.
SO tasty!

This was on Jim's blog: The Star Wars Kid. Nice editing... sort of.


mirage1701 said...

Hi! Long time no see.
This is Sakai writing.
It's great model !

by the way. Do you know this site?

Jim said...

I posted it on mine, too, giving you a nod as well!

Patrick said...

Thanks for this post! This guy is great. And I'm always looking for other's work so i can get tips.


great blog by the way