Saturday, December 03, 2005

The Japanese have outdone themselves...

Here's a link to a really weird game that's coming out... probably only in Japan.
Basically it's a fighting game. But only girls. And you're supposed to take pictures of your opponent's underwear.


If you don't believe me - here's a video.

The author says it best: "The Japanese are done. They can now return to planet Japania, leaving all the people of Earth horribly confused and scarred for life."


Hose Head said...

What in the Japanese culture would suggest that this type of game would be acceptable? Is their perception of women such that this isn't considered inappropriate or are we simply looking at this from our own Puritan social ethic that is part of our cultural past? Very curious.

spaceJASE said...

That's pretty much my take on it. Our social ethic dictates that this is simply wrong. Their's says it's inappropriate, but a known national pastime - so why not make a game about it? Tongue in cheek perhaps? Or possibly an attempt to lessen the "inappropriate" feeling of reality through video game humor?

shun chu said...

Shooting up police officers is wrong, but it doesn't stop American game producers from ripping millions of dollars of profit off of it... So why should the Japanese be frown upon for making a Street Figther game that peeps girl's underwares? It'd be less gender-biased if they put guys in the game too... But then they may not sell the game quite as well... ;)

hose head said...

I think your observation is spot on regarding the American version of shooting police officers and the like. I think I understand that our violence ethic developed
in our culture from the "wild west" shoot the sheriff thing that was reinforced via TV for so many in the states. If US TV says it's OK then its fine to make a video game about it.

I don't condemn the Japanese for making such a game but wonder what in their cultural history resulted in them considering the behavior as being OK at some level. Is there a counter part in Japanese culture, like our "shoot em up" mentality that de-personalizes women such that panty shots are a marginally acceptable practice?