Sunday, December 18, 2005


Yesterday we went over to Chu & Grace's house. We drove the van (which did quite well) and after making Bryan cry a bit, left for dinner. We had asked them if they would take us to the veggie-dim sum they knew, but it turns out it doesn't do dim sum anymore.

SO - we went to a Korean place they know called "Myung Dong Tofu Cabin". Well, they had us at "tofu cabin". We would have liked it in any event. But it was gooooood. I got seafood tofu stew. "A" got seafood bim bim ba. Basically it's piping hot tofu stew with an egg cracked on top and mixed in. (If you don't do it, the server will insist that you do... or she will do it FOR you.) I got mine spicy! Everyone looked at me like "Are you sure?!?!" Let me tell you... order mild... or maybe medium. Spicy will sear your stomach. Not to mention your lips, throat, nostrils and eyes. It was awesome! We took the leftovers back with us and hung out at Chu & Grace's place for a good while after dinner.

Bryan doesn't like us so much. We invaded his comfort zone and we probably look pretty damn weird to him. Especially "A". Every time she tried to talk to him he bust out crying. Who would have thought that blond hair could be so scary?!? It makes newborns scream bloody murder! I keep trying to tell her it's unnatural. Even babies can tell!

Go get some Korean Tofu!

Myung Dong Tofu Cabin
1484 Halford Avenue (at El Camino near Lawrence Expressway)
Santa Clara, California 95051
(408) 246-1484 (map)


shun chu said...

We are glad you lived to blog about your spicy tofu meal. That was pretty wild to watch you take on what even Malaysians considered unbearably hot stuff.... Hah hah...

You dork, stop making "A" feel bad (why are we initializing her name again?). Bryan just needs more time to accept all that love she's got for him... He's a shy boy...

Next time we'll go try the Korean combination noodle lunch special.

spaceJASE said...

Let us know when you go to the noodle lunch special!

"A" wishes to remain anonymous. She's shy and doesn't like the revealing properties inherent in a blog.

It feels unsafe.

Maybe it is. So far no stalkers though...

Jamie said...

Gee, be nice to "A" and skip comments on hair! Does she read this?

Aside from that, cool to find you blogging! Glad to carry part of the blame for that. I'll make sure to check back often. We miss you guys!