Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Christmas Holiday

Went back to work today.
Had a few days off while Maria was here.
Christmas season means 4 days to me.
24th - Christmas Eve
25th - Christmas Day
26th - Frickin' Birthday
31st - New Year's Day

BAM! All done in one month. No pressure though! Don't try to milk it for all it's worth. Just be chill - it'll all come around again next year... if you live that long!

Had Christmas dinner with Maria and Edward. Edward was extremely proud of his mashed potatoes. I made rainbow jello. "A" made tofurkey.

Went to Moss Beach and tide pools on my birthday. It was cloudy but not raining. We saw sea lions pretty close and star fish and... other stuff too. Y'know tide pool stuff.

Now I'm 35

Going to commence with experiment and cut calorie intake down. In half maybe? This could double my lifespan from 72 years to 144. (Or more possibly.) It happens in rats, but they say it won't work for humans. I guess the rats who don't get enough food stop reproducing, so the energy spent on that can be saved for living longer. Well, I haven't done any reproducing yet, so I might as well try to force my body into living longer than it thinks it should!

The truth is, they don't know if it will work because no one has ever tried it to the fullest extent... or have they? There seems to be an organization that promotes CR (calorie reduction) but if the pictures are any indication of how I might turn out in the end, I think I'll quit before I start.

I need to read up on this more... if I live long enough.


Anonymous said...

Rainbow jello! Yum! :)

Merry merry, Happy happy!

Carrie Farley said...

Hello from New York!! I found your website, liked reading it. Happy Birthday old man! Happy new year we miss you guys. Carrie

shun chu said...

Yeah, let me know how that "cut the calories" plan works out... Might have to look into that myself... ahem, I mean... for a friend...

Jamie said...

Hey, if you are done with those calories, can I have them? I seem to want for more these days....

Happy birthday, old man! Glad to see that you are keeping busy and in the news:http://www.atlanta.k12.ga.us/news/PressRel/PressRel2005/12dec/Coca-Cola%20Twin%20Finalist%2012-22-05.doc