Sunday, January 01, 2006

Resolve it!


Yeah it's time to make some resolutions. Actually I think it's a bit trite to wait until a "new year" to attempt to fix things in your life, when if you really wanted to fix things, there's no time like the present! BUT - having moved away from NY recently and being in a new situation does lend itself to making changes in my life - which happens to coincide with this silly new year's tradition of setting yourself up for failure. So, without further ado:

1) Quit playing World of Warcraft. My subscription runs out on January 19th. If I don't quit by then they will charge another 3 months and I'll have to keep playing. What with buying the collector's edition and subscribing all year, I've spent $260 on this game. WOW indeed. Lot's of fun, but not THAT fun mostly because I can't get on early enough to play with friends.

2) Make more art. One thing WOW stopped me from doing in the evening after work is make stuff. Draw, model, rig, animate - it all just stopped over the last year. I bought "The Artist's Way" on the recommendation of Eric DeSantis. We'll see if I can stick to it and get back in synch with the "Flow".

3) Stop being a jackass. Sometimes people deserve it, but not usually. Maybe I've got a headache or a cold, maybe I'm stressed about money or milestones, maybe I'm over heated or my jeans are too tight - whatever the stupid problem is, I shouldn't be taking it out on other people... unless they are directly related to the cause.

4) Change some fat into muscle. Speaking of having tight jeans, I need to trim some of this fat off and replace it with some strength. Since taking this job I've spent more time behind a computer then... well, a lot of my daily hours - and then I tend to come home and sit around looking stuff up online, making stuff, or playing video games. I get winded bending over to pick up one of the cats. That's going to lead to a short lifespan if it doesn't change in some way. (Notice how I conveniently don't say HOW I intend to resolve this one.)

5) Live longer. "A" makes sure we eat good food. She's an awesome cook and we eat very well and cheaply. What I need to do is stop supplementing that great food with sugar. I love treats. Candy, cookies, cake, donuts, ice cream - I like sugar. I need to cut out those empty calories. See, in an earlier post I talked about cutting calories in half and doubling my lifespan. I didn't mean I was going to starve myself, just cut out the crap food. It shouldn't be TOO hard really. I passed up eating a donut on bagel-donut Friday last week - even before this stupid resolution thing.

Well, 5 seems like a good number. Not an unwieldy number. I'm sure I will fail on some - but there's got to be some points awarded for trying to improve, right? I'm sure I will add more throughout the year. I mean - why wait until the frickin' new year to be a better person?

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Hose Head said...

I can resonate with the change some fat into muscle one. For me it would be to change some fat into nothing! So that is one of my resolutions. Getting over the Jackass thing is probably going to be more difficult. Unfortunately it may be partially genetic. Aargh!