Monday, January 23, 2006

Weekend drab.

Friday AJ had an interview again. Same college, completely different job & people. Strange, no? She's multi-talented I guess. We haven't heard from the first interview... wonder how long they will take to send something. We had lunch with Chu & Grace & Bryan at a Korean place. Very good - lots of extras for lunch the next day.

This weekend was pretty eventless.

The van isn't finished so we didn't go get it. I got to the post office too late to mail a package. (Sorry Jim - Monday) I was also too late to visit Dan in the hospital - he's at home now. We went to Craig's and played some cards. We got there late, but it was OK. Maybe one of my new year's resolutions should have been: "Stop being late." hmph - I guess I'll work on it anyways. Better late than never...

It was nice and Sunny today - but I couldn't get AJ out of bed. She becomes welded to the bed for a minimum of 10 hours after having a few drinks. No hike with such a late and lazy start. I didn't feel like it anyways. We took the cats outside instead. They love it. Then we went out to buy bulk spices and ginger tea. Real ginger tea from a Chinese shop. Best stuff ever. OK maybe it's not real, but it's better than any American tea I've had. Intense. Clears up you head in a jiffy. Not that my heads clogged... but we were out. You don't want to have to go looking for it when your head IS clogged up.

Then we made cookies. Cookies will make any sad old weekend better, right? RIGHT. Cookies make life a little easier - even when it's a cinch. Today's cookies were an inspiration: oatmeal walnut with milk chocolate chunks. Why milk chocolate? Because there was a giant Hershey's Kiss sitting around yelling "Cut me! CUT ME!" Or maybe that was in my head... Damn good cookies. Yield: 60. It's going to be a good week too!


Jim said...

Hehe - no worries!!
You're the one doing me the HUGE favor!!

Mom said...

white chocolate chip macadamia nut cookies.....mmmm mmm mmm....makes my mouth water! THEY are the best! :)

belle said...

I was wondering why you had a picture of cookies in this blog...but then I read through the end and now i understand. that was a picture of the ones YOU made?

spaceJASE said...

nah~ Just found this pic online to make boring posts seem not so boring.

A weak attempt I know, but such is the life of the bored.