Monday, January 02, 2006

Buy Blue... or Red... or Whatever the heck you want.

The website is all about knowing what political party gets money from what store. You can look at the alphabetical listing of stores and who they donate to and how much. They don't just rate stores on political slant - they also rate them either PROgressive or REgressive based on environment, labor & human rights, employment equality, corporate and social responsibility and industry practices. The ratings and descriptions as well as explanations on where they get the info can be seen on this page. Then you can decide for yourself where you want to shop based on these factors - or not... if you even care.

Frankly I think donating to politicians is just about the stupidest thing a company can do with your money. The politicians will stab them and you in the back. No one politician has any say and no one party has real control. You as an individual aren't going to make a difference by shopping here and not there. The CEOs & COOs and whoever else run the show is going to donate money to whatever politician they think will get them the most in kickbacks whether you shop there or not. What we all need to do is organize a revolution and nuke the damn state of DC and everyone there and start over.

Oh God - the FEDs are knocking on my door now... sigh.


shun chu said...

Dude.. tell me you don't vote like that... Do you?

spaceJASE said...

Vote like what? I vote; I just don't believe in the system any more. I guess I do a little if I still vote.

Edco said...

"Nuke the state of DC"? Damn.