Tuesday, January 17, 2006

WoW no more.

I took this screenshot 8 levels ago at 58.
Last night some aspects looked different.

I quit WoW last night.

Yeah. Cold Turkey. OK - I had paid up until Jan 20th so I knew about when I would be quitting, but still - I played, leveled, sold all my gear on two guys and mailed the 150G to Eric. Giggy says I should have sold Space online. Giggy - You probably would have ended up dying at the hands of a farmer you got in the way of... named Space! This way I can always go back to Space if I really need to - although he'll be naked.

Have fun with the gold, Eric! Buy an epic mount.

Space - I'll miss ya. You were only 58. You always made me feel better soloing crazy Quests & stabbing people in the back for 1600 dmg. What could you have done if I had taken you to 60 and raided night after night?

Nothing - cuz you're a GAME. You would have wanted more of me - more time, more purple crap, more more more! I have looked into the void and yea I stand before you again... fresh & renewed!

Now I've just got to find something to do with myself & this new free time...



Edco said...

Don't worry! I'l waste enough time for the both of us!!!!

shun chu said...

Your wallet and bank account will be sorely missed.