Monday, January 09, 2006

Interview with MILO

AJ had an interview today. I didn't post about it earlier because I didn't want to jinx it. Not that I'm superstitious or anything, but ya never know...

We had an interesting weekend preparing for the interview - Practice drive to the site, haircut, good food for the mind, read aloud for mental clarity and vocal astuteness, go to bed early, blah blah blah. (I got a sympathy haircut. ACK! She cut too much off and now I look ...Somewhat groomed. I will try hard to mess it up again.)

The interview went quite well. She had to give a presentation and with all the practicing we did, it went off perfectly. Now we wait and see what happens. AJ thinks they already had someone in mind, so she's just going to get a rejection letter in the mail for all our effort.

The one thing we can do is relax, 'cause this first one is behind us so the next few can't possibly be so bad.

Grace made the day worth it for AJ. After the interview since it was so close to their place, she stopped by to say Hey. Bryan didn't bawl at first sight of her and Grace presented AJ with a can of MILO! NICE! We haven't had MILO in ...Forever. Nestlé owns something like 110% of the foreign market in Ovaltine-knock-offs. In fact, no one outside of the US has ever heard of Ovaltine because of MILO. Actually I bet the only people in the US who know about Ovaltine for that matter are old people and people who watch "The Christmas Story" every year. MILO is great. Get some today. Thanks Grace!


belle said...

Well I hope the interview brings good things! By the way, those pics you drew while at the meetings are very silly. I should send you a close up picture of the band and you can do a funky one of them. AND - I can't believe you can play the medium to hard levels of guitar hero-wait-yes I can. They look so difficult. Maybe when we finally get together someday...we can have a tournament. So get ready OLDER brother. :)

Nini said...

"In fact, no one outside of the US has ever heard of Ovaltine because of MILO."

Hah! The UK is untouched by the weirdness that is... MILO.. pff, Ovaltine rules all! But then, only old folk know about Ovaltine... hm.

This is how I waste your time, people. Useless facts about warm malted freakin' milk!

spaceJASE said...

Really? We haven't actually made it over to the UK yet. Quess I shouldn't have been so general... Still a few countries left to visit! :)