Sunday, January 15, 2006

Burma: Superstar!

We took the van up to Tassi for a check-up and smog fixing and some weird rusty brake sound. Then we kept heading north into the city. We took a different route which was interesting and led directly to our goal: new weird food! AJ saw a review of this restaurant on TV the other day and it looked really interesting. It's called Burma Superstar. It was awesome! (But not without it's drama.)

apparently, when a restaurant gets shown on TV in a big city, you'd be better off waiting until next year to go, simply because the rest of the city will need to go first. Lesson learned. They told us it would be 45 - 60 minutes to be seated. We signed the list and put my cell number. (They call you when you're up.) Then we walked around and went to a coffee shop. They only take cash. We walked around looking for a bank. We went back for coffee. We used the restroom and then watched a guy walk in off the street and do the same without buying anything. This really pissed the lady running the joint off so she locked the bathroom. Then she watched people come in and stand by the locked door and wait for it to open from the inside. It was amusing to watch her watching them and seething that they wanted to use her bathroom for free. We were surprised to see the number of people actually try to waltz in and use it for free.

After an hour of waiting we went back to the restaurant to find that we were still 7 names down. But she had crossed off several names after ours... I asked what the deal was - apparently, they seat by table size. NOT first come. If a 4-top opens up, search the list for a group of 4 and let them in - Don't split the 2 tables apart and seat two 2-tops!!! I couldn't believe it. We waited for another hour for a 2-top to clear. People inside felt perfectly fine to camp out after eating and talk because they had had to wait an hour or so. sigh - PEOPLE!

The food was delicious, though! Definitely recommended if you have time to kill waiting. Fried coconut pudding dessert was TO DIE FOR. I do not usually get excited about food... This was really good.

We drove home and stayed up too late because of stupid caffeine at 7:30pm.



Mom said...

What a fun story to read! Hope the van passes its testing. I am humored to see you be SO excited about food, but glad your meal was worth the wait! I like trying new foods!

belle said...

my favorite part about the whole story is that they take down your cell number and call you when your table is ready...nice!