Friday, January 27, 2006

LASIK surgery

Today AJ got LASIK surgery done to both eyes.
I watched. Through a big window.
She's sleeping now.

It looked nothing like this picture, I just thought it was funny how much this looked like the Death Star!

I got PRK surgery on my eyes about 6 months ago. I now have 20/20 vision in each eye. But I think my left eye ended up with less contrast sensitivity than my right. Which is weird as a computer artist because everything seems a tad brighter in that eye and lights glow more. But generally it's awesome for driving, sports and everyday stuff. My left eye has always been a little weird, though. It reads colors a little warmer than my right eye. OR my right eye sees things a little cooler. It's weird - I noticed in high school. Together things even out OK. It's still that way.

Back to AJ's eyes.
LASIK surgery is creepy to watch. They cut a semi-circle flap of cornea and move it out of the way so the laser can burn (excuse me, the proper term is ablate) the correct prescription into the lens (or something) of your eye. The weird part was that the eye has a glass-like surface. Very smooth and reflective. When the cornea is removed, the under-lying part isn't - it's bumpy like a really small orange peel texture. Fascinating! You can see it on this person's picture. (NOT AJ, just found online. Her surgeon had all the lights off so the computer/laser could better read her eye and there were no silly toys cluttering up the surgery area.)

Anyways, AJ's doing fine right now - it feels like there's a hair in your eye as it heals. They say she could drive herself to the follow up appointment tomorrow, but - I'll be doing that!

spaceJASE in nurse mode, signing off!


Mom said...

glad the surgery worked so well for you....hope Alicia heals well and starts 'seeing' results soon :)
be a good nurse!

Kerri said...

congrats to leesh! I'm SSSOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO jealous!!!!!!!

shun chu said...

"Alicia" who? You meant, "AJ"?

Wasn't it terrible to smell your own eye being burnt up by the laser? Creepy...

So you guys have perfect eye sights now... But I thought the shape of the eyes change as people grow older... and you kind of become far-sighted, no? How does that work with this LASIK stuff?

cr4i9 said...

I don't know. That surgery still creeps me out. Now that your eyes have been "fixed" have you seen any class five roaming vapors or other figures from another dimension?

spaceJASE said...

Yeah it was creepy. I wouldn't recommend watching unless you've got a strong stomach. The glass i was looking through was very reflective and I distracted myself a couple times with the horrible faces I was making. The nurse assistants were amused I noticed.

The only vapors I saw were coming from her eye. Yeah. I saw the smoke from the burning rising off the eye.