Tuesday, January 31, 2006


So I said I'd talk about the DMV visit.

It actually wasn't all that bad. There was no line to get a number, and I only waited about 1/2 an hour to get called. Pretty amazing for begin in the middle of the day.

The guy I talked to was fairly nice and explained that as long as I try to get the bus to pass smog, even if I fail, they will give me another 2 month extension. That is - until November 2006. Then I'd have to wait until January 2007 to register the bus because hopefully it would be grandfathered in by then. (California has a 30 year law - which means any car made in '75 or before doesn't need to pass smog. New York was 25 years.) He said 'hopefully' because no one is sure whether the law will stay at 30 years, making '76 safe this year and '77 next year or whether they will just say: "Nope, '75 is the year forever." ('77 is the year of my bus, so we are so hoping that they don't change it and we can be legal by next January.)

I called Tassi and gave them a good talking to. They said they'd look at it some more and try to make it pass on it's own. The guy who does emissions must have missed something vital.


Damn Van.


Mom said...

keep pluggin' away....i'm impressed with your perseverance with this whole thing....good luck!

Edco said...

How did the Bus make it from NY to CA... did I miss that part?

spaceJASE said...

We drove it.
But it died 1/2 way here.
We sent it via big-rig the rest of the way.
(This is the new green bus mind you, not the old brown one.)