Monday, February 20, 2006

Not Much but FOOD

There wasn't much going on this week. So I didn't post.
Just working every day, eating good food by AJ & watching Olympics.
This weekend was uneventful, really. We ran errands and stuff. I got KOTOR for the XBox, but it crashes after level 1 when it tries to auto-save. Now I have to take it back and see if they'll let me exchange it for Psychonauts. No news on the van last week - maybe this week.

Let me show you some food we made recently - I started taking pictures for fun. Mostly because I think we'll make our own cookbook eventually, but I also want to use these for when AJ asks me what I want for dinner this week, I can point at pictures instead of trying to describe things verbally. Go with what you're good at, right? Verbal communication is not my forte. LOL

Pesto Pizza!

Tofu Spring Rolls!

More food pics to come if this week has anything worth sharing. I bet it will! We got TURNIPS at the market in honor of Animal Crossing. We won't sell them to Tom Nook - We're eating them, dammit!


Mom said...

animal crossings has got to be one of the cutest games second only to pikmin and all his little flower-followers...
my favorite dish was the pizza you made with I think eggplant and artichoke. I like uneventful smooth sailing (no confrontation at work) 'uninterrupted full nights of sleep' weeks.......that's asking too much, huh? onward and upward....

Jamie said...

If A. is still looking for a job, I'll hire her to come out and cook for us, as I don't think we will be in much of a mood for cooking in the near future. It's a heck of a commute, but we're good friends, right?