Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Windy Hill Hike (02/04/06)

Okie Dokie HERE is the page with pics from the hike we did on Saturday.

Highlights were:
1st coyote sighting
1st banana slug sighting
baby salamanders
nice workout on calf muscles! (still feeling that...)


Mom said...

beautiful breathtaking pics...never seen a banana slug before....lovely area! glad you got to go on such a nice hike!!

Kerri said...

Gorgeous pics! Brian wants to know if the coyote was chasing the road runner?!

belle said...

Really like the pictures! Hey...I know you probably take a lot of pictures...and if you have any cool ones that I could use.... I've been doing a lot of Mixed Media pieces..I would love to use some pics you've taken in my next project. Lets talk!