Friday, February 24, 2006

Random Stuff

Not much has been happening this week. Just working. No news on the van. When things get boring just search the web for entertainment. It can't be worse than reality TV. No, I bet it can...

I've been hanging on to these sites for a while since their not really worth posting by themselves, they may be worth posting as a group. Enjoy.

1) Bunny synopses of movies.
Only 30 seconds long. You definitely can spare the time!

2) Godzilla goes down.
He's wreaking havoc on the city, but he's not the only giant sized critter around!

3) How to fold a shirt.
Because the way you do it now is wrong! (and not nearly as cool)

4) WoW as birth control.
There must be a name for this kind of phenomenon.

5) The Perry Bible Fellowship.
This guy is sick and twisted. Some of these comic strips are hilarious and some are just wrong. May not be appropriate for work.

This is a tongue-in-cheek Japanese music video. I can't make out much of what they're saying - but I don't really need to.


Hose Head said...

I particulalry liked the "It's A Wonderful Life" bunnies. One of my favorite movies.

Nini said...

Speaking of random....

Paging Dr. Jase, Dr. Jase to commenting on a blog which commands your attention.. Thank you.

Sorry for the intrusion folks, he went to WonderCon and had me confused.. moreso... yeah.

Mom said...

I've always liked the t-shirt folding thing! and the bunnies.......