Tuesday, February 14, 2006

WonderCon 2006

This is the oldest living San Franciscan playing a playstation at the Metreon. There is some kind of magic happening right here, man. Magic.

02/11/06 - Saturday
Edward drove up and we went to the WonderCon 2006. We had a great time and I bought some sweet art. I also got said art AND some other stuff signed.

The floor was huge. There were many booths and the geeks were thick. We entered cautiously and zig-zagged our way from one end to the other. I was shocked to see Arthur Adams there since I didn't see him on the list. I would have brought a few pieces from my stash for him to sign if I had known! I bought a huge print from him. Giant gorilla fighting T-rex. HOT! I brought something for Mike Mignola to sign (Seed of Destruction #1), and I bought one of his Hellboy prints. Very tasty. I also eventually found Frank Cho and had him sign that print Eric DeSantis gave me. I also bought one of his books. He's great, but seemed a little full of himself. NOT like Mike and Art. They were really really cool.

We went upstairs and saw Sergio Aragones talking about his life and drawing great pieces on the fly. He is truly amazing.

I went next door to see the end of the Pixar talk. I saw the cars trailer and their short: "One Man Band". They'll probably show it at the beginning of Cars in the theater. It's superb!

After Pixar, they showed the Silent Hill trailer and then some extra footage was introduced by the main actress. The extra footage was awesome - but super creepy. I don't know if I want to see that film or not.

Then Brian Singer came up to talk about the new Superman Returns movie. He showed a trailer and then introduced the main actor who plays Superman. I left after a few dumbass questions and dumber answers.

After the show, Edward and I walked over to Market street and checked out the parade. That's where it was starting, so most of the people & floats were just hanging around waiting to start up. It was cool to see everyone dressed up. Kids are funny. They are so excitable.

I have pictures of the show and a few of the parade. Enjoy the geek-fest!

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Mom said...

great pics! did ya feel like a kid in a candy shop? so much to look at! the parade shots are just SO sharp!